Defensible space refers to the area surrounding a home that is intentionally designed and maintained to reduce the risk of wildfire damage. As wildfires become increasingly common in many regions, creating a defensible space around your home is essential for protecting your property and ensuring the safety of your family.

Start by clearing vegetation and debris from within 30 feet of your home. This creates a buffer zone that can help prevent the spread of flames and embers. Trim trees and shrubs to maintain a minimum clearance of 10 feet between their branches and your home.

Regularly clean gutters and remove dead leaves and vegetation from your roof and yard. These combustible materials can easily ignite during a wildfire, posing a significant risk to your home.

Additionally, consider using fire-resistant materials for landscaping and construction. Choose plants with high moisture content and low flammability, and use mulch and gravel instead of combustible materials like bark chips.

Finally, ensure that access routes to your home are clear and easily navigable for emergency responders. Trim back overhanging branches and remove obstacles that could impede their access during a wildfire.

By implementing these measures, homeowners can create a defensible space that reduces the risk of wildfire damage and enhances the safety of their property. Don’t wait until it’s too late—take proactive steps to protect your home and loved ones today.

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