Adding color is the simplest way to update any space. Colors reflect mood, energy, and emotion. Your taste and personality will show with the use of colors.

Possibilities may be endless, but some colors can at times be intimidating. You might like a color combination you see in magazines or online, but it could still be difficult for you to decide what color would be best for your home. Here are some simple ways to bring color to your home: 

Paint an accent wall

An accent wall can become a focal point of your home. You have to choose a hue that’s different from the other walls in the room. It depends on your style if you want to be bold with a slightly unusual or bright color.

Add a rug

Just add a rug and see a room transform. Rugs will add a perfect touch of color to a room, and bright colors or patterns can create an illusion of a bigger space. Make your room more inviting, and don’t be afraid to use oversized rugs in smaller rooms.

Start small

Many people are timid about color. You can start small by putting a piece with bold colors like a small coffee table, accessories, and oversized pillows. While looking at these pieces every day, you will learn to appreciate them and be inspired to add more.

Embrace change and be brave enough to try new colors to make your home feel energized and refreshed.

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