When dealing with serious plumbing issues, sometimes it might not be enough to use a plunger or drain chemicals. Some clogs form far down in your pipes in an area that you couldn’t reach without some specialized tools.

One way that plumbers gain access to your sewage line is through the sewer cleanout.

This is not something that you as a homeowner should try to access, but still, it can be beneficial to know where the sewer cleanout is located.

To find it, you should start near your bottom floor bathroom. In colder climates, the sewer cleanout might be found inside your home, and in warmer climates, it is most likely going to be outside the bathroom.

With a specialized tool, the pipe can be opened and your sewer line can be accessed.

A plumber will usually insert a snake at this point to try to dislodge any stubborn clogs that are affecting your plumbing. It is also a good spot for them to notice whether or not the water is flowing unhindered through the pipe.

To make it easier to access the sewer cleanout, you should keep bushes and other things trimmed back from around it. Your plumber will thank you.

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