Wildfires have been in the news more often than ever before, so it makes sense for homeowners to consider ways to make their homes safer in case of an emergency. Something that will assist in protecting your home from many different types of natural disasters is to implement defensible space.

Defensible space basically means that you divide the space around your home into 3 different zones with increasing care shown with how tightly trimmed and cleared the space is.

Closest to your home, there should be nothing growing for about 15 feet. Outside of that and out to about 100 feet, there can be some small trees and bushes but they should be trimmed closely. In the last zone, you would just need to make sure that there is limited debris and that trees and bushes are trimmed somewhat.

Implementing this method you won’t leave anything out for fuel in case of a fire, or debris that a storm could toss about.

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