If you are a smoker, you might enjoy the smell of cigarettes, but even some smokers would rather not smell it inside of their homes. Tobacco odor is very difficult to remove, and buying a home where smokers have lived can pose a big problem. Unfortunately, there aren’t really any shortcuts here. While some have tried using ozone to remove the odor, this usually only has limited success. Instead, a thorough cleaning is the most likely to be successful, or rather, several thorough cleanings. It is important to think of everything that could have picked up smoke, especially since it is something that will come back to haunt you eventually. Filters in HVAC systems, kitchen fans, and other places will most likely need to be replaced.

Even lightbulbs left behind could give of smoke smell when they are turned on. It will take time, but it is possible. However, unless you are ready to do the work, buying a home from a smoker might not be for you.

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