Saving space in a building can be very important. Some homes just feel cramped because the designer tried to get too much into a small space, while others have some innovative solutions that saves you a lot of space.

Take for example attic pull-down ladder. These can be found in many homes, and they are installed to remove the need to build a staircase leading up into the attic.

While these are a good solution to the space problem, they are definitely not as convenient as a stair… or as safe. It is important to be aware of the limitations of a pull-down ladder if you have one in your home.

If the ladder isn’t installed properly, there is a risk that it pulls out of the space where it is mounted. There should be sufficiently long fasteners that are firmly installed in the joists surrounding the opening.

You should also be careful when moving items into the attic. The safest way to do so is to climb the ladder and then have someone hand you the items that need to go up there. That will put less strain on the ladder and make it safer for you.

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