It’s almost 2 years since this pandemic started, and many still feel unsafe even in their own homes. A lot of major and minor repairs have been postponed since our priorities have been affected by the pandemic. Our to-do lists have remained pending.

We’re talking about the irksome window you’re having a hard time opening and the one with a ripped screen. Or that noisy bathroom fan that irritates you every time you turn it on.

A lot has been put off – even the small inexpensive fixes. Then all of a sudden you just realized these repairs need your attention now. This pandemic has taught us to live for today. To deal with a long list of repairs, you want to take note of the most important repairs, and take care of them one by one. If you are into D.I.Y. you can take care of all these issues on your own, but it’s even better if you know someone who can assist you. If D.I.Y. isn’t for you, you can always look for professional help.

Here are some common issues that homeowners ignored during the pandemic:

  • Refreshing the inside paint (or trying something new)
  • Repairing damaged screens
  • Making improvements in your bathroom
  • Door problems (issues with door hinges and doors that are sticking)
  • A noisy bathroom exhaust fan
  • Kitchen cabinet problems
  • Upgrading an outdated laundry room

Those are just a few things we ignored and they badly need our attention now!

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