In a modern world where people better understand the needs of people with disability, we have been able to adapt to it using technology to improve life. Many people can now personalize and redesign their homes and make them more comfortable for people with disabilities.

Here are things you can improve at home to address any potential safety issues.

Making a kitchen accessible is crucial for individuals with disabilities. It will be easier to cook if the stovetops are lower to help them see what they are cooking with ease. It’s also good to install mirrors on the ceiling above the stovetop. Make sure you have your fire extinguisher in an accessible location.

For bathrooms, doors should be more than 32 inches wide for those who use wheelchairs to enter with ease. It’s good to have grab bars, non-slip mats, specially designed seats for transferring, benches, shower seats, or showers accessible for a wheelchair.

The house should be well lit, especially for staircases. A ramp should help in getting in and out of the house safely. You should install fire sprinklers and smoke alarms for safety.

Technology might help improve homes, but preparedness and planning are also essential in making a home safe for people with disabilities.

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