Having a pool at home is every child’s dream, but they do come with certain issues that need to be taken into consideration. Pool problems could end up costing you a lot of time and money.

The obvious things to check when inspecting a pool would be aging pumps and liners, but things can get complicated once your electrical systems are in play. Pool heaters, lights, and filters all require electricity which could prove to be expensive to repair. If you are alerted to this issue, you can prepare for the costs of any electric-related repairs.

Many pools also come with an attached deck or patio. Maintaining the deck and patio could be nearly as expensive as pool maintenance. Unavoidably, wood needs re-stained, handrails become loose, and floorboards age. Homebuyers need to be aware of any serious structural issues with their deck. Failing to notice any potentially expensive repairs is a big mistake.

On concrete, you need to check for cracks, especially if it exceeds three-sixteenth of an inch in either direction. The deck must be sloped away from the pool, and there should be a drain between the deck and the foundation. Watch out for discoloration since these out-of-place spots indicate damage.

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