Are you bothered by a squeaky floor? This could be because of damage to your subfloor. This might be a safety hazard if ignored. 


The structure attached to your floor’s beam that supports the floor covering is called subfloors. Subfloors serve as protection against mold in a damp or moist environment and give stability to your floor.

Here are the common defects found by a home inspector:

Squeaky floors

  • It’s not good to ignore the squeaky sound of your floorboards because this could be a sign that it was not correctly secured to the beam.
  • A possible fix is to fill the gaps between the flooring and beams.


  • There are a lot of species of termites, but only a few can be an issue for the wood in properties. However, when termites infest, they can cause a lot of destruction or damage. Therefore, it is essential to have termite inspections regularly to avoid infestation and major repairs.


  • Water leaks can cause major structural problems and damage your subfloor. Loose or disconnected pipes often cause these leaks. Make sure that you inspect cracked or damaged pipes.
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