Before selling a house, you probably received a final home inspection report and found a few things that need repair. You might need to prioritize these things to increase the chance of having your house sold.

Kitchen and Bathrooms: Since the kitchen and bathroom have several mechanical systems, it’s normal to have them on top of the repair list.

Ensure that the stove, oven, microwave, and dishwasher work correctly. The kitchen cabinets might need to be painted and if any of them are damaged, you should repair or replace them. Sinks and faucets should be leak-free, and the same is true of bathtubs and showers. You should also check for broken tiles and have them replaced.

Home Interior: For a house to sell, it needs to look good and function well. Any damages to walls and ceilings need to be taken care of immediately. Look out for wallpaper that you have to replace or walls that need repainting. Any laminate floors and carpet should be in good condition. You should replace any damaged part or torn carpet.

Home Exterior: Your garage door needs to work, and you should replace any broken mechanism. Exterior door handles should be in good condition. The roof should not be missing any tiles. Yard drainage should be graded away from the foundation to avoid any future foundation issues caused by improper drainage.

The buyer should see that the house has been treated well and everything is functioning correctly. This will give the potential buyer a good impression and a reason to close the sale.

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