A home inspection will provide you with important information about the current state of the house and peace of mind that you made the right choice.
Most people think buyers only request home inspections, but sellers forget that they benefit from it as well. Sellers can get financial benefits from pre-listing inspection. Homes can sell up to 50% faster because of a pre-listing inspection.

Waiting to Have an Inspection Can Cost the Seller Dearly If There is a Problem

Real Estate Agents’ first suggestion is to arrange the home, keep fewer personal belongings, and attract multiple buyers with more “mass appeal.” However, home inspectors won’t be looking for aesthetic factors like paint color or how your furniture is arranged. Home inspectors will be looking for any structural or functional potential issues. Once the inspection is done, a full report is presented that could show major issues. In that case, the seller can give attention to needed repairs to make the home more appealing.

Pre-Sale Inspections Help You List Your Home at the Right Price the First Time
The report from a pre-sale inspection will already show you the minor defects like broken light switches, missing smoke detectors, or leaky faucets. Some buyers might ignore those minor issues but may stand out for others and significantly affect their decision in buying the house.

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