Many homeowners love having birds in their backyards. Some will put out feeders and spend lots of time watching them through the window. Other homeowners view them as pests and do everything they can to keep them away.

While it is true that it can be very intriguing to watch birds, they do create quite a mess. Bird droppings can actually damage cement, asphalt, and other surfaces since they are acidic. Other issues caused by birds are blocked chimneys and vents, causing fire hazards. If you want to get rid of birds, there are a few things that you can do.

To avoid feeding birds unintentionally, you should make sure that any seeds you plant are covered well. You can use straw or burlap or something similar that will still let some light and rain through while keeping the seeds hidden from birds.

If you want to keep birds out of vents and chimneys, you can install a tight metal mesh over the opening or something similar.

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