Do your gutters drain properly? You might not even be aware that there is a problem, but many homes have gutters that actually do more harm than good without the homeowner even being aware, and this is especially common on homes that have sections of roof that are at different levels.

The proper way for an elevated gutter to drain is directly into the gutter at the bottom of the roof. If it instead drains onto a different section of the roof it can do great harm over time, damaging your roof and possibly causing moisture intrusion with resulting water damage.

While it might be a little more unsightly to have a downspout running from the gutter all the way down to the bottom of your roof, the cost of roof repair should help you get motivated to get the issue corrected. It is a simple enough fix that could even be done by the homeowners themselves. That is, as long as it is done with proper safety precautions.

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