Snakes come pretty high up on the list of things people are afraid of, so when you spot one in your backyard, you might be freaking out a bit. While poisonous snakes aren’t as common as some people believe, even harmless snakes could be enough to make the skin crawl for some people. So what could a homeowner do to prevent snakes from coming into their living area? One important thing to do is to keep the lawn trimmed well since snakes like to be able to stay out of sight as much as possible.

You should also prevent them from finding food near your home. This means that you need to control the rodent population around the home.

If you have rocky areas that give snakes a toasty warm living space as well, you might want to consider clearing these out or moving them further away from your home.

Using these three steps you will lower the chance of a slithering visitor.

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